Otherly Oatmilk Chocolate Bars


Otherly Oatmilk bars are surprisingly creamy plant-based chocolate made from Columbian cocoa beans and oat powder. Each bar contains 43% cacao content.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 130 grams
  • May contain traces of milk, soy, peanuts, and nuts
  • Made in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Salted Caramel: features decadent well-defined caramel notes with hints of sea salt that intensify the cereal notes of oats perfectly balanced underlined by chocolate-like tones and creamy texture

    Cold Brew: 43% cacao content is the ideal option to savor the rounded full-bodied tones of a selected blend of roasted coffee, matching the chocolate-like tones and cereal notes delivered by the creamy-melting rate of this exclusive bar made with fine flavor cocoa beans from Colombia. 

    Sea Salt the perfect plant-based chocolate with 43% cacao content to enjoy delightful sea salt tones that accentuate the cereal flavors of natural oat powder and roasted cacao characteristic of fine flavor cocoa beans from Colombia.

    Plain Chocolate: plant-based chocolate with 43% cacao content made with fine flavor cocoa beans from Colombia and oat powder; this chocolate exposes exceptional roasted cacao notes and distinctive sweetness, that enhances delicate and authentic biscuity and cereal notes of oats, making this vegan chocolate an indulgent and creamy one-of-a-kind product.  

    Customer Reviews

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    Robyn Stuck
    Other Worldly~🌎

    This is the Most Delectable Oatmilk Chocolate 🍫 Ever Imaginable‼️
    There is no gritty Texture or undesirable Taste‼️
    The Blend of Caramel and Salt is Perfection‼️
    I drink Oatmilk daily in my Smoothies and have tried many Oatmilk Chocolate 🍫 Bars, but none of them Compare with the Otherly Oatmilk Chocolate 🍫 Bar‼️
    Next Order I will Choose Several of these‼️