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Store Manager

Store Manager Overview: The Store Manager is responsible for the ordering of all product, maintenance of the store, merchandising the product, creating a quality customer experience, managing staff, and meeting sales goals. This is a full-time position that reports directly to the President. Weekend and Holiday hours are required.

Store Manager Skills & Qualifications: Customer centered; able to motivate staff by demonstrating exemplary customer service. Must be organized, outgoing, energetic, creative, well-spoken and present a professional appearance. Candidate must have experience in retail sales in the paper and gift categories. Must be well-versed in design trends through personal love and study.

Store Manager Duties:


Maintain store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees in partnership with Owner and Assistant Manager.

Manage in-take of new employees by collecting all pertinent data; enrolling in POS system.

Maintain store staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results in partnership with owner.

Implement, communicate and ensure compliance with all operating procedures, processes and policies.

Provide regular and thorough feedback to Owner on all staff performance including manner, attendance, product knowledge, and customer engagement acumen.

Prepare staff shift calendar at least two weeks in advance; keep calendar current and ensure adequate coverage for all store hours.

Motivate sales staff by demonstrating exemplary customer service.

Protect employees and customers by providing a safe and clean store environment with ready access to emergency information and resources.

Attend weekly manager’s meeting with Owner and Red Barn Mercantile's Store Manager.


Analyze sales data in collaboration with staff and Owner to identify bestsellers, set appropriate inventory levels, and ensure those levels are met.

Evaluate inventory needs and make recommendations to Owner.

Review the Open To Buy plan with Owner and additional buyers on a monthly basis. Work with Owner and buyers to maintain appropriate stock levels based on the plan, while staying within the Open To Buy budget.

Research, identify, and suggest new product ideas to Owner.

In conjunction with the Assistant Manager and staff, conduct an annual physical count inventory in January.

Create purchase orders based on inventory needs, Owner and buyer requests, and newly identified products. Submit purchase orders; receive confirmations; track shipments; and follow up on any issues.

Receive into the point of sale system all incoming shipments, ensuring the accurate product and product amount was received.

Report any claims when damaged or inaccurate merchandise is received and remedy the situation per the vendor’s instructions in a timely manner. Box and ship any returned merchandise.

Serve as the liaison between Penny Post and its vendors. Build mutually beneficial relationships with all vendors by providing them with quality customer service and transparent communications.

Work in concert with the Assistant Manager to submit and track custom stationery special orders.


Ensure that the sales staff check- in deliveries with care ensuring accuracy. Report any damages and/or discrepancies to the proper vendors.

Unbox merchandise and stock shelves in timely manner. Dispose of all recycling and trash.

Collaborate with the sales staff and Visuals Director to merchandise all product in a way that maximizes the sales floor, presents the store in the best possible light, and encourages sales.

Create an annual calendar of window displays in concert with Owner and Visuals Director.

Maintain proper signage to allow for an easy and pleasant shopping experience. Consult with Owner and Visuals Director to determine which product should be signed and/or highlighted.


Manage time clock accuracy, report by-weekly payroll for both stores to Financial Manager, and report results to Owner. Ensure staff receive annual W-2s.

Obtain and maintain the credentials for all contract companies that require an annual 1099. Submit credentials for all new vendors to Financial Manager.

Gather, calculate and make weekly sales deposits to Eagle Bank on Washington Street in Old Town.

Keep a running list of invoices and the dates they need to be paid. Work with Owner and Financial Manager regularly to pay down the invoices.

Maintain adequate amount of Petty Cash in each store, enlist staff to record the monthly transactions, and share them with the Financial Manager.


Respond within 12 hours to all “Contact Us” inquiries that come from the website.

Troubleshoot all technology issues with Runit, the POS computers, the music system, security, and other store related technology. Involve the Owner or other tech expert as needed.


Equip staff for success by providing timely information and training on new products, sales and promotions, events and general product knowledge.

Reinforce staff enthusiasm by promoting monthly store sales goals.

Along with Owner study month-end sales reports and Open To Buy reports to increase knowledge about seasonal trends in order to support and engage staff in sales goals.

Work with the marketing team and Owner to establish an annual calendar of events and promotions; ensure that events are properly staffed; and ensure proper inventory is on hand. Inform the Digital Media Manager of potential content for newsletter, social media, and website.

Keep notes for possible opportunities to increase sales in the future based on current experiences.


Support a culture of exceptional customer service by establishing relationships with regular customers and cultivating new customers.

Prioritize store cleanliness. Manage customer perceptions with a clean, neat, store free of dust and debris.

Support staff training in all store systems & processes to ensure customer experience is efficient and stream-lined.

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