1798 Bottled Inks 50ml, Assorted Colors, J. Herbin


the 1798 ink collection celebrates the year Jacques Herbin first introduced his own line of quality inks, an important step in the history of the brand. Deep unsaturated colors with optimal pressure sensitivity, 1798 Inks are illuminated with shimmering flecks of silver for an elegant finish

The 1798 inks come in 50ml glass bottles with hand-dipped wax seal cap. These inks are illuminated with shimmering flecks for an elegant finish. They are all suitable for fountain pen use, though the shimmer particles may require additional cleaning of your pen between inks. 

  • Kyanite du Nepal:  Kyanite has been recognized as a noble mineral because of its similarities with the rich tones of sapphire. Kyanite is bright blue, pulling toward turquoise. It is magnified thanks to a cloud of silver glitter for powerful and elegant writing. 
  • Cornaline d'Egypt: The ancient Egyptians considered Carnelian to be one of the most calming and healing semi-precious gemstones. It was believed to elevate the mood, eliminate stress and was used as a symbol of life. This ink contains rich, orange/red pigments that have made the carnelian so beloved for thousands of years. The addition of shimmering silver pigments gives this ink an elegant and refined depth and luster.
  • Amethyste de L'Oural: This ink is a deep rich purple in the velvety hue of a rare gemstone. A silver mist provides a lustrous shimmering effect. Amethyste De L'Oural, or Amethyst of the Ural Mountains, suggests the color of royalty. This ancient gemstone from the gates of Asia was prized for its calming, meditative and lucid dreaming qualities.