Kaweco Brass Sport Pens
Kaweco Brass Sport Pens
Kaweco Brass Sport Pens

Kaweco Brass Sport Pens

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 The heavyweight model of the Sport series is made of high quality brass with an individual touch. The high quality brass develops a natural, individual patina over time. Due to the high weight of the model, the writing instrument presses lightly on the paper by itself. This enables longer writing.

The Brass Sport is available in Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint, and Mechanical Pencil models. Arrives packaged in metal gift box.

  • The pocket Fountain Pen is 10.5 cm tall when closed and grows to a normal size of 13 cm when the cap is inserted. Available in a variety of nib sizes from Extra Fine to Extra Bold. Comes with one Royal Blue ink cartridge. 
  • The Rollerball enables particularly easy writing with an exceptionally soft writing feel. When closed, the rollerball measures only 10.5 cm. With the cap replaced, it grows to a normal size of 13 cm. Comes with black ink.
  • The Ballpoint measures 10.5 cm and posesses a high-quality click mechanism, which works precisely and noiselessly. Comes with blue ink.
  • The series is completed by a mechanical pencil with a line width of 0.7 mm. The Kaweco refills for the mechanical pencil have the medium hardness HB.

Note: This raw material will change color over time!

Protect and store your Kaweco Sport, Leather Pen pouches available.