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Chiisana Tokei Clock, Navy
Chiisana Tokei Clock, Navy

Chiisana Tokei Clock, Navy

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"Chiisana," meaning "small" in Japanese. This clock boasts the ability to be used as a wall or table clock, and can bring a pop of color to any situation.

Originally a leader in personal clocks in the 1970s, this small clock has been reproduced as a model by designer Riki Watanabe. Made from a new mold and a reviewed design, this version preserves the original atmosphere by maintaining features such as size, relief lettering, and the needle stopper. Comes with a stand, making it viable for use as either a wall or table clock.


Known for establishing Japan’s first design office in 1949, Riki Watanabe designed the interior decor for many well-known hotels. His work on clocks and watches became his like work, receiving various awards and recognitions. In 2006, the “Riki Watanabe--Innovation of Living Design” exhibition was held at the National Museum of Modern Art.

Dimensions: 5" Ø

• Steel
• ABS Resin

Weight: 11.3 oz

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

AA Battery Operated.