Conversation Menus Card Set


20 Menus with 12 questions per menu, across varying themes - to foster friendship and bring meals to life. We typically spend a lot of time getting the food right when we invite others over for a meal, but in the end what makes a really great occasion is - of course - always the conversation around the table.

What do you blame your parents for?
What do you wish your partner could forgive you for?
Have you ever sabotaged your own success?
Who did you have a crush on during your school years?
Describe your first memorable encounter with another culture.
What should children learn about the adult world?
In what ways is your family especially odd?
Who have you had to eject from your social life – and why?
How would you like to be remembered?
What shaped your attitudes to money?
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  • 20 x menus
  • 400gsm card
  • 176 mm x 147mm
  • Includes sustainably sourced wooden stand
  • Contains some adult content
  • Customer review: ‘Excellent product, really thought-provoking and fab for dinner parties.’

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