Raccoon & Chocolates, Central & Gus

Raccoon & Chocolates, Central & Gus

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On the back of each card is a whimsical tale of the animal featured. Entirely collectible, these stories intertwine, creating a much loved community of characters. Forest Stewardship Council®-certified, 100% post-consumer recycled fibre paper. The paper manufacturer purchases enough Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100% of the electricity used in its operations.


Fifito Thursday Raccoon loves a good bonbon. In fact, even more, he loves an entire box of good bonbons. No map needed, Fifito seems to instinctively know which ambrosial filling is nestled within each luscious chocolate shell. He always tucks into his favorites first: the vanilla creams. Then the fruit creams. And then the caramels and nuts until there isn’t even one melty smudge of chocolate left on his finger, let alone a chocolate in the box.

But, as much as Fifito Thursday enjoys receiving chocolates, he never seems to have any left to give. Okay by him, he most likes to share his feelings via two carefully chosen words: you matter. Because, while chocolates easily tantalize the tastebuds and fill the tummy, his words satisfy the soul, communicating, in no uncertain terms, his special someone's worth. And that matters.

Proudly made in the USA