What’s Your Type: The Type Dating Game


This unique card game lets you test how type savvy you are! For everyone who wants to get to know fonts a little better, what better way than to go on a date?

Struggling to decide between Arial and Times New Roman for your CV? Can’t tell the difference between Brush Script and Bodoni? Understand type in a totally new way with this fun new game. The attractive gift box includes a booklet explaining type psychology and provides suggestions for four games to play.

Fifty cards feature different fonts to choose from: make your selection, then turn over to find out what the type you’re attracted to says about the type of character you are!

Playing suggestion: Best played with friends who aren’t graphic designers. You’ll laugh, you’ll groan, and you’ll discover that everybody has an opinion on the font they’d date/ditch/friend (they just might not realize it yet).

  • Card Game
  • 50 cards