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Have you wanted to try a fountain pen but didn’t know where to start? Today we will spotlight six beginner/entry level fountain pens available at Penny Post. The Kaweco Perkeo is our lowest priced fountain pen at $18-20. This pen is perfect for students or anyone interested in trying a fountain pen on a budget. It is great for everyday usage and can be used with an international short standard cartridge or a converter for bottled ink.

The Kaweco Skyline or Classic Sport models are wonderful little pocket pens Consider pairing them with a Kaweco Deluxe or Octagonal clip for functionality and ease in your daily travels.

The TWSBI Swipe ensemble is a bargain at $29. This pen is also compatible with converters and international standard cartridges and comes with 2 types of converters and one ink cartridge.


The TWSBI Eco is a simple piston filling fountain pen and can be filled from any bottle of fountain pen ink. 

The LAMY Safari is a sleek, German constructed pen using only LAMY proprietary cartridges and converters. Each Safari comes with one blue cartridge but we carry LAMY cartridges in many colors and converters for additional purchase.

Finally, the Japanese Pilot Prera is an excellent starter pen. This pen also comes with a proprietary Pilot CON 20 converter for use with any bottled fountain pen ink. If you prefer cartridges we carry blue and black proprietary Pilot cartridges for use with the Prera.

Please let us know if you have questions or stop by the shop and let us help you pick a pen that best suits your writing needs!



About the author: Karen Ward is our resident fountain pen enthusiast. She fell in love with pens and stationery after her first tiny Hello Kitty notebook and gel pen set. Finding Penny Post in 2018 was just the fix this pen and paper addict needed. Penny Post is dedicated to providing fine pens, stationery, and gifts with an unparalleled level of sophistication.

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