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Fountain pens are not only beautiful to look at but useful writing utensils. Customers come in with many questions about them so we’re outlining the most common questions we hear in the shop:

Are fountain pens used for calligraphy?
This is a common misconception. Fountain pens are a writing system similar to ballpoints and rollerball pens. They can be refilled and reused indefinitely. They are not strictly for calligraphy, although a fountain pen may be used for calligraphy and lettering.

I don’t know what the nib size means or how to decide what I prefer.
The nib size refers to the size of the point on the pen. At Penny Post we keep fine (.35) and medium (.05) point pens stocked. If you would like another size, we are happy to special order it for you. The best way to determine your preference is to stop by the shop and try our testers. We keep a variety of nib sizes at our testing station. Let us help you find your new favorite pen!

How do I put ink in the pen?
That will depend on the filling system. For example, Kaweco Skyline pens all take international short standard pre-filled cartridges or converters for bottled ink. LAMY Safaris and AL Stars use proprietary pre-filled LAMY cartridges or LAMY converters. Most TWSBIs are piston fillers requiring only bottled ink.

We are happy to answer any fountain pen questions you may have. Send us an email at or stop by the shop and give our testers a try.

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