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It's official! We are overjoyed to announce that Penny Post is now a TRAVELER’S COMPANY PARTNER SHOP! Penny Post was selected as one of only three paper stores IN THE WORLD to become a Traveler’s Partner Store this year. We are now one of only 10 in the US. For a brand with a cult-like following, this is big news for us. We are in rarified company, and we could not be prouder of our little paper store.

We have carried TRAVELER’S COMPANY notebooks since we opened in 2017, but the outpouring of enthusiasm from the TRAVELER’S community during the recent Stamp Caravan solidified our desire to immerse ourselves in this group of like-minded wayfarers. 

TRAVELER’S COMPANY espouses “a store you can go where owners and visitors all use Traveler’s notebook, serving as a hub for users of Traveler’s notebook, you can meet other travelers on their journey and exchange ideas and stories.” Penny Post also believes in sharing and communing with travelers from near and far, on different planes (levels) in their journey, both figuratively and literally. 

Our very own official Partner Shop stamp is on its way, scheduled to arrive in early November. Come learn more about Traveler’s notebooks from our team members who are themselves devotees. Explore adaptable inserts made of superb paper, useful for many types of media, from fountain pens to watercolor paints and beyond. There’s a difference between viewing a TN online and actually opening the package and feeling one in person. It's so elegant and versatile that it can be used in any arena. 

We are humbled and so excited to join this select group of spectacular Partner Shops from around the world.

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