Clip Family: Monster Clips


Clip Family / Monster Clips are an environmentally friendly paper clip made from a natural fiber. You can use as a normal clip or a bookmark. But if you soak it in water for 5 minutes, you can change its shape and play with it too. It’s a paper clip with added possibilities!

  • Contents: 5 pieces
  • Material: Fiber paper
  • Made in Japan 

About The Five Monsters:
Doug - Good at singing and dancing. Always smile and positive
MIKEY- Love jokes and naughty. A mischief. Favorite is ice cream
Bob - The speed of judgment is unbeatable to anyone. Flexible to change shape. A soft body monster.
Franky - Easy to become sad, but will be also really compassionate
Ben - The having of three eyes is the charm point. Ben is Doug's older brother.