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Ah, April, how we welcome you with open arms. Warmer days, cherry blossoms, rain showers that bring May flowers, and letters. Lots of letters. At Penny Post April is our favorite month of the year because it’s National Letter Writing Month. The month when we get serious about our letter writing and we are already pretty serious about letter writing.

Lately, I’ve been hearing the word “frictionless” in regard to running a retail business. It’s not likely a new term, but it’s finally landed on my radar so I’m paying attention. What that means is, as a retailer, we should make every transaction with us as painless as possible. Makes sense, right? Who wants to have to work hard at getting what they want? This National Letter Writing Month we are making correspondence frictionless. Here’s how…

First, we had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite stationers, Hartland Brooklyn, to produce a very special postcard that we will be handing out with every purchase. To make sending that letter frictionless, we are providing stamps and a mailbox for you to mail your note right then and there. So, bring in your address book when you do your shopping.

Second, we are revamping our popular Letter Writing Kits. Since we launched them in the early days of the pandemic, they have been a customer favorite. Every kit contains six greeting cards, two pens, washi tape, a sticker, postage to send all six notes, and our NLWM postcard and matching sticker sheet that can only be found in the kits. The letter writing kits retail for $42 but are a $50 value. Choose sweet, salty, or a combo to get your letter writing started.

Third, we are offering to send postcards for you. If you have a friend or loved one (or even just yourself!) that would like to receive mail, then dm us on Instagram or send us their address and we will write them a note. Everyone loves getting mail and making a new friend, so this is a two-fer! 

Finally, we are playing bingo and giving away prizes weekly! There are no Penny Post purchases necessary to enter, simply fill out this form and we will send you your very own editable bingo card. Or print the one below if you prefer an analog version. Some items that tick a box include sending a letter to a family member, thanking your friendly neighborhood postal worker, bring a friend to Penny Post, and write a letter to your future self. There are plenty of letter writing prompts to help you connect with folks near and far this National Letter Writing Month.

I hope you’ll stop in at Penny Post to join in all the letter writing fun this April!

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