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If school closings, snow days, and virtual learning have already pushed your year off course, then let me introduce you to bullet journaling. Actually, let me re-introduce you to bullet journaling. I’ve written about it before but thought this January it was worth mentioning again. It’s just that helpful.

If you’re like me some of the prescribed planners just don’t fit. They aren’t set up for the way I want to organize myself. There are either too many pages or not the right ones. What’s great about bullet journaling is that you can completely customize it for your needs. Because you start with a simple dot grid notebook, a pen (or many pens), and a straight edge you can create whatever you like. It’s easy and can be a wonderful creative outlet.

Bullet journaling helps you keep track of your routine, but it also helps you keep track of your goals for the year and the new habits you’re trying to start. If you are saving for a trip abroad (for when you feel safe to travel abroad again) you can track your spending. If, like me, you’re trying to add morning meditation to your routine you can track how many days you did it so you can keep the streak going. And, if you just need a calendar to manage all your daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities it does that too. Essentially, it’s one place where you can keep all the information you need to run your daily life for the year.  

Now, how to do it. It’s really very easy. Start by reading my post on the Penny Post website. If that doesn’t get you started, then pick up this great guide or try out this webinar from our favorite bullet journal expert, Tashira Halyard of Politics and Fashion. Then stop by Penny Post to pick up all your supplies.  

The best notebook to use is a dot grid notebook because it helps you to create straight lines for laying out your grids. At Penny Post we have bullet journals and dot grid notebooks that can be used for bullet journals. We have all the pens you need, but starting with a micron or two is a good idea. They are perfect for creating all your lines. If you want to get really creative grab a mildliner to highlight the important stuff and a few Le Pens to make it colorful. To put a real creative spin on it pick up washi tape and dot stickers to make your mark. Penny Post has all the tools you’ll need so stop in or shop online today!

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