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Karen, our assistant manager and resident fountain pen enthusiast, has done us the honor of showing us around her prized pen case. As an avid fountain pen user, she finds it necessary to carry multiple pens to work. Her Lochby tool roll is perfect for transporting a small notebook, pens of differing nib sizes, and extra cartridges in case of an emergency.

"When I have the tool roll filled with everything I need I simply roll it up, secure it with the hook, and toss it in my bag. Everything stays in its place and I never worry about my pens getting scratched or damaged. It gives me a sense of freedom to be able to switch inks or nib sizes, if necessary. Having a pocket-sized notebook within easy reach is also handy for quick notes."

We've rounded up everything she's toting around so that you can have a closer look. If you have any burning pen questions, Karen is clearly your person! 

Lochby Tool Roll, $54; Lamy Safari Fountain Pens (Charcoal and Yellow), $37; Lamy Aion Dark Green Fountain Pen, $89; Kaweco Skyline Sport Dark Olive Fountain Pen, $29; Sailor Ink Cartridges, $10; Kaweco Ink Cartridges, $4; Kaweco Octagonal Pen Clip, $3.50; Field Notes Notebooks, $16-18; Black/Gold Sailor 1911 Fountain Pen, $225; TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen White Rose Gold, $52; TWSBI Eco transparent green, $34.

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