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Father’s Day is upon us! If you’re lucky enough to be able to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad, make it count. Even if it’s from a distance. You know him best. Whether it’s showing up with his favorite meal, planning a camping trip, or laughing at all of his terrible jokes, give the man what he wants. And while it’s obviously not the presents he’s most looking forward to, they certainly can’t hurt. If you find yourself shopping for an impossible-to-shop-for dad this Father’s Day, we are here to help. We’ve curated collections at both Penny Post and Red Barn Mercantile that we think will delight him to no end. We’ve pulled items from all over the shops to create a collection of fun, practical, classic, and very special pop-approved gifts. Here is just a sampling of what we’ve picked out. Shop the entire collection here!

Punderdome, $20; Olive Stationery Set, $25; Space Manatee Sticker, $4 Saturn Notepad, $10; Grandparent + Grandchild Pen Pal Kit, $32; Bird Atlas, $20; Limited Edition LAMY Aion Dark Green Fountain Pen, $89; Space Clips, $8; Australian Shepherd Sticker, $2.50; Pirate Bird Sticker, $5; Scotch Caramels, $24; Rollbahn Notebook, $28; Sherlock Puzzle Book, $17.95; Walnut Clock, $48; Field Notes Notebooks, $18; Field Notes Leather Cover, $40. 

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