Calligraphy Nib Multipack


Curated by Meant To Be Calligraphy especially for Penny Post, this set of dip nibs is perfect for trying your hand at pointed pen. Set consists of five different nibs, to be used with a nib holder (sold separately). Contains one of each of the following nibs:

  • Brause Steno 361 "Blue Pumpkin" - short-hand nib, very fine point, highly elastic, high ink capacity, fine reaction
  • Brause 76 "Rose" - Very flexible nib, 0.3mm fine point, precise clear lines
  • Brause Extra Fine 66 "Arrow" - Very smooth, highly elastic, extra fine steel point with high ink capacity for small size copperplate calligraphy
  • Nikko G - Great beginner nib, sturdy, long lasting, higher ink capacity, writes smoothly
  • Tachikawa G - Multi-use nib for thick and thin lines, more flexible than Nikko G, good for drawing as well