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Recently featured in The Washington Post, our card wall is probably the best place to start. Our greeting card collection is extensive, sweet, thoughtful, hilarious, beautiful, sassy, and at times, incredibly specific. Pair the perfect card with a thoughtful gift any snail mail enthusiast would enjoy.

1. You cannot go wrong with a beautiful set of stationery. (Juliet Rose Stationery, $25

2. A book for inspiration and ideas on how to turn cards and letters into treasures. (How To Write A Letter, $15)

3. This art print is a sweet way to display one's love of letters and snail-mail. (Floral Envelope Print, $24)

4. Stickers to celebrate and adorn outgoing mail! (Snail Mail Sticker Sheet, $6)

5. A fancy brass fountain pen to write letters with. (Kaweco Liliput Brass Fountain Pen, $85)

6. A stunning wax seal is icing on the envelope. Such a lovely touch. (Brass Wax Stamp, $39)

7. The whole line of Kitta washi tape is adorable. It's a cute way to seal your letters and there are so many different patterns available. (Karakusa Washi Tape, $6)

8. A new arrival, this key tag is giving us big BFF necklaces vibes. (Penpal Society Key Tag, $10) 

9. An address book to keep track of names, birthdays, phone numbers, and addresses. Sometimes it just feels good to keep things offline. (Address Book, $48)

If you're into this guide or you need help assembling a gift, let us know! It would be our absolute pleasure to earn you the title of best gifter this holiday season.

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