Kraft Notebook Trios, Field Notes


A classic brand and a staple product here at Penny Post. These small notebooks are an ideal everyday carry for notes on the go.

To make a long story short, when Aaron Draplin made the very first Field Notes by hand as a holiday gift for friends, they looked pretty much like these notebooks. When Field Notes started the company they had only one product, a 3-Pack of Kraft Memo Books with graph paper inside. And we expect, they’ll always have those as the heart of their product line.

Each Original Kraft memo book measures 3-1/2" wide by 5-1/2" tall, contains 48 pages, and is bound by a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process.

Available in the following paper options:

  • Ruled Paper Trio
  • Graph Paper Trio
  • Mixed Trio (one of each paper type Ruled, Graph, Blank)